Tuesday, December 9, 2014 @ 5:30 PM

DevNight is a quarterly mini-conference for developers in Grand Rapids, MI. If you enjoy our sister event, GR DevDay, then you'll love DevNight. Join us for good food, networking, and some great speakers presenting on topics relevant to the modern software developer.

Game Night!

Do you love video games? Have you ever created one or had the desire to? GR DevNight is excited to host our first Game Night at the GR Makers space. Come learn from local game developers!

The evening begins with a networking time/light dinner (included). We'll kick things off with a panel discussion on game development and then we'll follow that by 3 technical breakout sessions.

Opening Remarks & Panel Discussion by S2 Games

We will start off the night with opening remarks from Kalamazoo-based video game development company S2 Games.

This will be followed by a panel discussion on game development featuring S2's own developers Tim Williams, Steve Hoelle, Michael Long, Derick Janssen and Stephen Baker.

Breakout Sessions

Making a cross-platform game, from scratch!

Garrett Hoofman & Kirk Roerig - OPifex Entertainment

With engines like Unity or the Unreal Engine on the market today, why would anyone bother writing a cross-platform engine from scratch? What does it even take to build a cross-platform engine? What kind of challenges does mobile add to the complexity? This talk will answer these questions, build live examples, and then explain OPifex Entertainment's own solution.

Unity Unleashed: An Introduction to Unity and Procedural Map Generation

Jon Price - CubeLab Media

Ever have one of those killer ideas for a game, but had been told it would take years to learn the coding languages in order to create your dream, and months to create a cross-platform product? Ain't nobody got time for that! Or have you ever played a video game and when you start a new game, the level layouts are different? You sit back and and think, "Man! How did those crazy hip cats pull off that jive?!"

Join Jon as he walks you through using Unity 3D, a professional game engine. He'll not only give you an introduction to the engine, but walk you through using Unity to procedurally generate game maps using custom code! He's not just gonna stand up there flappin' his gums, folks! Get ready to pull up your sleeves & crack your knuckles! Come with a laptop, a free (yes, we dropped the f-bomb) copy of Unity 3D and a love for making worlds come to life!

Gamification: Extending Games beyond the Console

Brian Kowalczk - Davenport University

The use of game mechanics beyond in-game activities has exploded in recent years. Leaderboards are integrated with social media outlets, players send tweets directly from within a game when they achieve a goal, and consumers pay bills with credit cards to accrue rewards points. We are constantly playing games and being challenged to participate or otherwise become engaged in activities. How can this engagement be sustained and used to extend the lifespan of a game?


Garrett Hoofman

Garrett Hoofman is a founder and lead programmer of OPifex Entertainment, a game studio based in Grand Rapids, MI. He likes code jams, black coffee, mountain biking, and Legos. During the day he works as a consultant for Open Systems Technologies. At night, he fights crime.

Kirk Roerig

Kirk Roerig is a founder and lead developer of OPifex Entertainment, a game studio based in Grand Rapids, MI. Aside from game development, he’s interested in biking, building things and beer.

Jon Price

Jon Price, co-founder of CubeLab Media and 25 year developer ninja, fell in love with computers from his first TI99/4A. Lead developer for Grand Rapids based Pay It Square at OST by day, game addict by night. When he isn't spending time furiously typing a keyboard into a smoldering pile of melted plastic, you can find him spending time with his wife, two kids, and a Roomba (named Mike).

Brian Kowalczk

Brian Kowalczk is a faculty member in the College of Technology at Davenport University where he teaches computer science. Prior to joining the faculty at Davenport University, Brian spent 15 years in industry programming mainframes, EDI transaction sets, implementing ERP systems, and integrating ERP systems with ancillary systems. Brian is an active researcher in distributed and cloud computing. His current research includes utilizing game theory in the scheduling of jobs in an ad-hoc cloud computing environments. Brian is an avid runner, SCUBA diver, snow skier, and a private pilot.


The location will be at GR Makers space

401 Hall St SW, Grand Rapids, MI. 49503.
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